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Daily Blog {7/28}

I didn’t end up blogging yesterday because I was only home in the early morning and then at night. The day before (Wed), little boy had to be taken to the pediatrician because he was having stomach pain and a fever; he later had vomiting and was lethargic. The husband had to come home early so I could take him to be checked out. The pediatrician sent us to the ER to rule out appendicitis (!) because of where the pain was and how he responded to jumping, but after spending four hours at the hospital, we still didn’t know anything because they couldn’t do an ultrasound or CT scan on him, only run a CBC which was inconclusive. After much thought, and watching him closely, we decided to go home for the night and return to the children’s hospital downtown the next day.

I had little boy sleep in my room so I could monitor his temperature and also help if he were to need to vomit again. Thankfully, he slept well and only needed to be given Tylenol once, at 2am.

In the morning, big girl woke up feeling much worse than she had for the previous few mornings. She was coughing, had a sore throat, and virtually no voice. She needed to be taken to the doctor. Ironically, I was also supposed to go the doctor; I had my 12 week appointment with my midwife at 9:15. Little boy was doing much better so we felt safe to hold off taking him in for more testing until big girl and I got home.

My appointment went well; the midwife attempted to find the baby’s heartbeat with a handheld doppler but she couldn’t so we got to see the little girl/guy on ultrasound. The reason we couldn’t hear it was because the placenta was on the top, directly between the baby and the doppler. šŸ˜› Anyway, s/he was so cute! We could clearly see the little hands. šŸ™‚ The heart rate was in the 140/50’s so everything looks good. It’s surreal…and I really can’t grasp that there is an actual baby in there and that he or she will be joining our family so soon after little girl did. Weird.

Big girl tested positive for strep so that was a quick answer to what was wrong with her. While at the pediatrician, I ran little boy’s situation by the nurse and doctor and they both agreed that he should still be taken in because the appendix can actually rupture, bringing relief and a lessening of symptoms…then a few days later the child gets very sick from all the bacteria. So that freaked me out! We left the doctor’s office and dropped off her prescription at the pharmacy.

The husband (who had stayed home from work) took me and the boys to the children’s hospital. Big girl stayed home with little girl even though she wasn’t feeling well. Thankfully, little girl took a nap while we were gone and was pretty much content the whole time she was awake, so big girl didn’t have a rough time with her.

At the hospital, little boy had an ultrasound (after quite a long time of being there) which ruled out appendicitis so we were finally able to relax.

By the time we headed for home, it was dinnertime so we picked up pizza. After eating, the husband went back out and picked up big girl’s antibiotic and some toilet paper since it was the one thing that we were going to need before I will be able to get the grocery store again.

What a crazy few days these have been!

Big boy woke up with a fever and a hurting tummy this morning so now he seems to have little boy’s stomach virus. :/ I just pray little girl doesn’t get it (or strep throat!)

Today, I’m basically going to be playing catch up with the housework and tending to all these sick kids. No to do list from me this morning – I fear it would be too long!! šŸ˜›

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