The House

My To Do(ne) List

Today was a major catch up day since I was barely home on Wednesday and not home at all yesterday. Not only did I have housework to do and sick children to care for, but I also needed to work more on homeschool planning.

I decided not to make my daily to do list because of how daunting it would have been, but now that the day is over, I’d like to submit a to do(ne) list. I was very productive and I am happy about that! The last few days have been really hard emotionally and physically, nevermind frustrating so it was nice to have a normal (albeit busy) day. 🙂

Here’s what I accomplished today:

  1. finished drying a load of clothes
  2. washed and dried two more loads
  3. emptied the dishwasher, and then refilled it
  4. filtered six gallon jugs of water
  5. prepared soapy water in the sink and washed the toddler cups/toys
  6. swept the dining room, kitchen and office
  7. tidied/organized and vacuumed the boys’ room
  8. fixed breakfast and lunch for me, little boy and girl
  9. gave medicine to big boy and girl, twice
  10. made cornbread
  11. folded and put away all the clean clothes (with big girl’s help)
  12. finished making copies of state history chapter tests
  13. printed the first five weeks of the guidebook and accreditation booklet for Physics
  14. reheated marinara sauce and made angel hair pasta for me and the husband
  15. played the Wii with the kids

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