Daily Blog

Daily Blog (7/30)

Little girl woke up with a fever at 2:45 this morning but after nursing her and letting about 45 minutes pass, it seemed to lower itself, without medicine. When I took her temp at 3am (under the arm), it was only 100.4  which surprised me because she felt so hot; I’d figured it was higher. She had diarrhea around noon so I’m thankful it seems to be the stomach virus and not strep throat (since we have both in our house at the moment).

Big girl still isn’t doing well. She has been hit so hard. :/ Big boy is fine, as is little boy.

I had a spill last night over our baby gate. I went to get something in the kitchen during dinner and I thought I’d hit the latch to open it but I kept walking even though it hadn’t opened and I jack-knifed (!), knocking it loose on one side. So, I hung out until my husband was able to help me get up (lol). It HURT to fall like that but at least it wasn’t the baby area, more like my belly button and surrounding skin. My lower back hurt for awhile last night, too, but today all is well. I no longer trust that gate. 😛

Today, I am just focusing on taking care of myself and the kids, nursing little girl as much as she wants, and maybe-hopefully finishing school planning.

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