The Parents

Getting Back in the Word

Whenever there are major concerns or successes in my life, I get sidetracked and my focus shifts from God to this life. I begin relying on Him less and less, I spend far less (if any) time in the Word or in prayer, and then I eventually end up feeling lost.

That’s what has been going on for a while now and even though I’ve known it, I almost felt like I didn’t know how to get back. Or, that I didn’t need to…yikes.

But yesterday I started watching videos by a new (to me) mama and she is just so sweet, meek and mild. An amazing example of what a Christian mother should be. I don’t pretend to know her personally or how she acts off camera, but the message of encouragement and hope that she represents is exactly what I needed.

She is in the hospital on bedrest at 30-something weeks of pregnancy with her third child currently and she did a sort of DITL video to show how she is spending her time. Well, she reads the Bible, crochets, people watches (hehe), copies the book of Philippians in a notebook (!) and does other things (all worthwhile) and it really motivated me. I loved the idea of writing/copying verses as a way of experiencing them more. I slack on Bible study so much but I think this could be a huge blessing for me so I’m going to begin today. I’m going to copy the book of Hebrews first. I’ve no idea how many verses or chapters I’ll do each day but I am EXCITED to get back into the Word!!

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