Daily Blog

Daily Blog {7/31}

I am exhausted. Little girl woke up with croup and stayed in my bed for most of the night. I was up for the day at 5:30 because I needed to take the husband to work so I could take her to the doctor. It turned out, then, that little boy woke up barking as well. Jeesh!! Will the sickness never end?

We ended up going to an urgent care center instead of their pediatrician because when little girl woke up at 8:30, she sounded awful. I didn’t like the idea of going all the way to their normal doctor, who is about 45 minutes away. The urgent care center is less than 15 minutes from our house, with traffic. Little girl got an injection of a steroid and then they were both prescribed the same drug.

It is 12:30 right now and I just got home from the pharmacy, who was out of the steroids I needed for them. I am going to have to drive to another one later this afternoon. 😐

I am not too pleased with how the initial dose of deximethisone worked with little girl. The tightness is still there instead of it breaking up the way I’m used to it doing with little boy when he gets prednisolone.

I’m thinking about heading to the children’s hospital if she’s not seeming better this afternoon but I am so, so tired. And, if I’m honest, completely stressed out and tired of the decisions and anxiety that come with children’s illnesses.

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