Daily Blog

Daily Blog {8/2}

Our night was much, much better last night. Little girl slept in her own bed again and I got some decent hours of sleep, between waking to nurse her, that is. She still has quite strong-sounding stridor but she isn’t coughing so I’m thankful it doesn’t seem to be escalating.

I think I am getting sick, but maybe I’ll fight it off. My nose kept draining into my throat last night and I was sneezing a lot; this morning the right side of my nose is completely stopped up. Oh well, it was bound to happen with all these sick kiddos around me.

So, yesterday was actually really great. I took the husband to work with little girl and she slept almost the whole trip so that was a blessing. She took the oral steroid without much ado later in the morning (another HUGE blessing!) and we didn’t end up needing to go to any doctors (a GIANT blessing)! We also started our new school year. πŸ™‚ I decided, after arriving home that it was time – I didn’t want to put off school until next week just because we missed the first day, so we started! A whole post on that coming later today. Once we were done with school and little girl had taken another nap, we went out for a late (about 2pm) lunch and to the library. I made chicken fajitas in the slow cooker for dinner and picked up the husband from work by about 6:30. I don’t know, it was just so nice to have a pretty regular day. πŸ™‚

Oh! I am 13 weeks pregnant today!

I think I can finally make a to do list again! Today, I would like to:

  • make banana bread
  • do school
  • drink LOTS of water
  • copy more of Hebrews
  • play a game with little boy
  • dust & sweep the office/kitchen
  • organize the refrigerator
  • finish the husband’s lunches for the week
  • fold and put away the dark load of laundry
  • hang to dry another dark load
  • wash and hang to dry the white load
  • change sheets and pillow cases on the big kids’ beds
  • make turkey burgers and fries for dinner

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