Daily Blog

Daily Blog {8/4}

Oh, I am so ready for all this sickness stuff to leave our house! All four kids were coughing yesterday. O_O The two youngest ones were barking with croup (and are both on Prednisone) while big girl is finishing up having strep throat with a lingering cough, and big boy has a cold with a very productive cough. Ugh And my body can’t decide if it is getting sick or not. 😛

Alright, enough about illness.

I had intended to write a post talking about our first day of homeschooling but I’m going to do our first week instead. Hopefully I can get that done tomorrow afternoon.

So, today I’ll make a to do list but I’m not super concerned about getting much done. I am just so worn out from the last two weeks!

  • make a dessert of some sort for after dinner
  • continue working on five week lesson plan
  • figure out a place for all the homeschooling books/resources to go
  • put away the clean clothes
  • cut big boy’s hair (and maybe little girl’s, too)
  • finish making calendar time stuff to use with little boy

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