Daily Blog

Daily Blog {8/05}

Little boy went back into his room last night because his cough was dramatically better. Little girl was up over and over again to nurse from the time I went to bed until 2am, but then we got some reasonable sleep. I woke up this morning with a headache and my eyes felt extremely swollen. I’ve had major sleepiness all day so I guess I’m pretty sleep deprived, but I’m also definitely fighting off the virus the two little ones have.

The day has gone well, though! It’s Saturday and we had a normal school day today to make up for missing Monday. Little girl has been far less complainy than previous days and the big kids have done a good job with their end of week quizzes/tests. Little boy has accepted (not perfectly, but overall) the putting away of the tablets. I decided yesterday that we don’t need our amazon fires because of the negativity they seem to cause while NOT on them.

Oh, I also finished doing the standardized testing with big boy this afternoon. 🙂

No to do list from me today as it is already 4:30pm!

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