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Daily Blog {8/2}

Our night was much, much better last night. Little girl slept in her own bed again and I got some decent hours of sleep, between waking to nurse her, that is. She still has quite strong-sounding stridor but she isn't coughing so I'm thankful it doesn't seem to be escalating. I think I am getting… Continue reading Daily Blog {8/2}

The House

My To Do(ne) List

Today was a major catch up day since I was barely home on Wednesday and not home at all yesterday. Not only did I have housework to do and sick children to care for, but I also needed to work more on homeschool planning. I decided not to make my daily to do list because… Continue reading My To Do(ne) List

Daily Blog

Daily Blog {7/28}

I didn't end up blogging yesterday because I was only home in the early morning and then at night. The day before (Wed), little boy had to be taken to the pediatrician because he was having stomach pain and a fever; he later had vomiting and was lethargic. The husband had to come home early… Continue reading Daily Blog {7/28}