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My To Do(ne) List

Today was a major catch up day since I was barely home on Wednesday and not home at all yesterday. Not only did I have housework to do and sick children to care for, but I also needed to work more on homeschool planning. I decided not to make my daily to do list because… Continue reading My To Do(ne) List


Spelling Lists | August

ONE coarse, not fine course, a track; a way groan, a moaning sound grown, increased hole, a hollow place whole, all; entire lone, solitary loan, a thing lent moan, to lament mown, cut down TWO bin, a place for grain, etc. been, participle of be him, that man or boy hymn, a sacred song in,… Continue reading Spelling Lists | August

Daily Blog, Schooling

Daily Blog {7/16}

Little girl slept really well last night. 🙂 I woke up to use the bathroom at 12:30 and she didn't wake until 1:30. The next time wasn't until after 6:30, when we got up for the day. 🙂 I'm definitely feeling motivated to continue school planning today which is a good thing because it needs… Continue reading Daily Blog {7/16}

Daily Blog

Daily Blog {7/15}

It's Saturday and I decided not to take the husband to work this morning because I knew, if I did, that I wouldn't get the things done at home that I need to do. Maybe we'll go somewhere tomorrow...the library or something outside (in the shade!) I'm feeding cheese grits to little girl right now.… Continue reading Daily Blog {7/15}