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Daily Blog {8/2}

Our night was much, much better last night. Little girl slept in her own bed again and I got some decent hours of sleep, between waking to nurse her, that is. She still has quite strong-sounding stridor but she isn't coughing so I'm thankful it doesn't seem to be escalating. I think I am getting… Continue reading Daily Blog {8/2}


US Government Topics and Books

Big girl will be reading: The Everything American Government Book: From the Constitution to Present-Day Elections, All You Need to Understand Our Democratic System this semester. Once I finish lesson planning with it, I'll have a better idea if she'll need supplementation or not. Here are some government topics that I definitely want to cover… Continue reading US Government Topics and Books


Spelling Lists | August

ONE coarse, not fine course, a track; a way groan, a moaning sound grown, increased hole, a hollow place whole, all; entire lone, solitary loan, a thing lent moan, to lament mown, cut down TWO bin, a place for grain, etc. been, participle of be him, that man or boy hymn, a sacred song in,… Continue reading Spelling Lists | August


Having Time to Work with Each Child

I'm trying to figure out just how I'm going to have enough time, or be organized enough, to spend time every day working with all three kids individually. I will need to work with little boy in all of his schooling because of his age. It won't take that long to complete everything with him… Continue reading Having Time to Work with Each Child

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Daily Blog {7/16}

Little girl slept really well last night. 🙂 I woke up to use the bathroom at 12:30 and she didn't wake until 1:30. The next time wasn't until after 6:30, when we got up for the day. 🙂 I'm definitely feeling motivated to continue school planning today which is a good thing because it needs… Continue reading Daily Blog {7/16}


Homeschool Planning ~ July 2017

Today, I am in planning mode. We need to finish up geography before the new school year begins. We still have to cover: The D. R. of the Congo - book Nigeria - map and book South Africa - map and book Kenya/Ethiopia - books Madagascar - book China - map and book Japan -… Continue reading Homeschool Planning ~ July 2017

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Daily Blog {7/15}

It's Saturday and I decided not to take the husband to work this morning because I knew, if I did, that I wouldn't get the things done at home that I need to do. Maybe we'll go somewhere tomorrow...the library or something outside (in the shade!) I'm feeding cheese grits to little girl right now.… Continue reading Daily Blog {7/15}